After three years and more than 14,000 downloads this year, the podcast advent calendar about Handel’s Messiah reached No. 18 at Apple Podcast US Chart for Music History podcasts in December. Since Dolly Parton is No. 1, I’m quite happy and content with this chart position, but also immensely happy that so many people all over the world has been listing to my podcast this December.

‘Handel’s Messiah – the podcast advent calendar’ is a podcast series in 24 short episodes that tells all the stories about the people, the places, the music, the drama and the gossip that is connected to the maiden performance of Handel’s Messiah in Dublin on the 13th of April 1742. The Danish version of the podcast series premiered in 2017 and turned out to be a huge success (also among people who had never heard about either Handel or the oratorio before).

I’m still considering if I should make a follow-up of some kind in 2021…

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