Is it ok to bring your salon rifle to the bank? Why do people in Ilulissat have so many freezers? And is it possible to eat seals you have shot yourself when you have loose milk teeth? These are just some of the questions that are being answered in this audio guide/podcast that Nyland Kommunikation has produced for the Icefjord Center in Ilulissat.

When I was given the task of producing the audio guide to the Icefjord Center in Ilulissat, it was a wish from the Icefjord Center that it should not “just” be an audio guide in the traditional sense, which relates 1: 1 to the physical exhibition “The Story of Ice ”, designed by JAC Studios. It should also be able to function as independent stories that can be used both as teaching material for school children at different grade levels, and as informative stories for tourists from all over the world.

The solution was to create an audio guide that in nine short episodes offers evocative, vivid and personal stories about life by and with the Icefjord told by locals of all ages. The nine episodes can be listened to in random order and independently to make the audio guide as flexible as possible.

All the little stories are available as podcast and on Isfjordscentret’s website, where you can also find the teaching material:

Listen to “Ilulissat Icefiord Center Audio Guide” on Spreaker.

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